About Us

Andrew Hancock

Andrew Hancock

Founder, Director, & Chief Photographer

A native of Texas and a journalism graduate of Texas A&M, Andrew Hancock is a cutting edge visual storyteller with a relentless work ethic. While his specialties are action/sports photography, portraiture and commercial photography, he maintains his deep interest in documentary/reportage photography and multimedia production.

Hancock is a regular contributing photographer for Sports Illustrated magazine. His work has appeared throughout the SI portfolio in SI, SI Kids, SI Latino, SI China, SI.com and in two books (SI – The Covers and SI Kids – All Access).

Andy’s work ethic and creativity has also been sought out by clients such as NCAA Photos, The New York Times and the Associated Press.

Beyond his extensive work for Sports Illustrated, his photos have also appeared in premier magazines such as TIME, People, Cosmopolitan, Stern and Golf magazine. Beyond glossy reproductions his photos have appeared in virtually every major market newspaper within the United States. Beyond ink and paper, his work has also appeared on ABC News, CBS.com and CNN.com

Education is something that he values deeply. As a result he is constantly reading, researching and absorbing as much information from the world around him in order to continue to push his creative abilities to the limit.

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Mike Esposito

Mike Esposito

Cofounder, Art Director, & Chief Designer

Mike Esposito grew up in the Chicago area and graduated from Columbia College Chicago with a Bachelor of Fine Arts and a concentration in Graphic Design.

Mike is a multi-talented, versatile, conceptual and creative art director/designer who can develop big ideas across multiple channels.

A disciplined and strategic thinker with a knack for customer service, Mike has been able to successfully work on a broad range of projects with a broad range of clients – from NBA players to up and coming Country Music stars.

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William Gwin

William Gwin

Chief Web Developer

Will Gwin grew up just outside of Louisville and graduated from Purdue University with a Bachelor of Science in Computer Graphics Technology with a minor in Film/Video Studies.

Will has a passion for web development with an unyielding eye for detail. He develops across a multitude of platforms, employing a vast array of techniques that maintain the highest standards of usability without sacrificing aesthetic elegance.

A technical mind and keen problem solver with a profound love for all things visual, Will strives to continually innovate his craft to find new and exciting ways to push the envelope.

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